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Auto Accident Lawyer - Kennewick, WA

Have You Been Injured in an Auto Accident?

A serious car accident can leave you physically, emotionally and financially disabled. During such a tragic time, it is important to employ a law firm that is committed to, and fully versed in, the complexities of personal injury law. We will help you understand your rights and achieve your personal recovery goals. Our legal team as well as our medical and accounting experts will meet the specific needs of your case, and help you receive full entitlement to medical support, benefits, and compensation for your injuries. We will ensure that we will always be available to speak with you and keep you informed of every step in the process.

Retain an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer A.S.A.P.

It is essential that you consult an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer as early as possible to protect your rights after an accident. Based on the unique facts of your case, your lawyer can help you pursue the best legal path to full financial recovery. You will receive a free consultation, and clients do not pay any fees or disbursements until their case is settled.

2 Types of Claims:

There are two types of claims that can be made following a motor vehicle accident:

1)  Tort Claim (Lawsuit against the at-fault parties) If you are not an "at fault" party, you can recover damages by a legal action where you have sustained injuries that meet a legal “threshold test”. Described in the simplest possible terms, these are injuries that result in a serious, permanent impairment of an important bodily function which has the effect of substantially interfering with your continued employment, pursuit of an educational program or your "activities of daily living".

Your may be able to claim for:

a.  Pain, suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life.

b.  Loss of income (or earning capacity).

c.  Health care expenses.

d.  Housekeeping and home maintenance expenses.

e.  Family Law Act damages.

2)   (No Fault) Accident Benefits

You may be entitled to recover statutory ("no fault”) accident benefits, no matter who is at fault.


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