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Tri-Cities Attorney Question and Answer

Here are some answers to some commonly asked personal injury related questions.


Will I be working with an attorney or a paralegal?

Paralegals, legal assistants, and other office staff have different duties at Anderson Law and are more than likely working with and assisting your attorney on your claim or matter. On numerous occasions, I’ve heard directly from our clients, questions such as, why am I talking to a legal assistant instead of my attorney? I am here to provide you with some information that I truly hope will enlighten your perception to any legal staff members working alongside an attorney.

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I was injured in a motor vehicle collision, what insurance is available to me?


One of the first things people say when they call our office is "I was injured in a motor vehicle collision, what insurance is available to me?"

It may be more than you think... Continue below for more information.

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Minimum Insurance Coverage

One of the most tragic issues we face at Anderson Law is seeking recovery for serious injury or death of an individual who was either uninsured or didn’t have enough insurance coverage. Often, this is the case with people who don’t drive. Sometimes these people are injured as passengers in a relative’s car. In other recent cases in Kennewick, they have been injured as pedestrians.

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The Good and Bad of Mandatory Arbitration

If you have been injured in a car accident and the insurance company is not giving you a reasonable settlement offer, you may be able to make a claim in mandatory arbitration instead of in a jury trial. Arbitration is mandatory for monetary claims less than $50,000 in most of Washington State, including Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland (Benton and Franklin counties). Compared to trial by jury, arbitration has several benefits: the cost is lower (around $1,000 instead of $10,000 or more); the hearing is sooner (3-6 months instead of a year or more); and the hearing is shorter (several hours instead of several days).

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Do I Need to Hire an Attorney After a Car Accident?

You’ve just been in a car accident. It wasn’t your fault, you are injured, and you are wondering what you should do. If you’re like me, a million thoughts pop into your head: the insurance card is here somewhere… I can’t believe he wasn’t watching traffic… I should call the police… Now I’m going to be late for work… And so on. After a little while you start thinking about your aching neck or back. The next morning you really feel it. The last thing you think of is whether or not you need an attorney.

Before you know it, the insurance company adjuster is on the phone.

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What is a good resource for judicial elections?

That's a good question. Since judicial positions are non-partisan, voters can't just vote along party lines.  The Washington State Bar Association has created Voting for Judges to help you evaluate your choices for judicial elections.

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If a car crashes into me, can they blame someone else for cutting them off?

 The short answer is yes.

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Is the Tri-Cities a safe place to drive?

The Tri-Cities (Kennewick, Pasco, & Richland, Washington) is one of the safest places to drive in the country.

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Do I have to reimburse my health insurance even though the injury was not my fault?

Whether or not you have to reimburse your health insurance depends largely on whether or not your insurance is governed by state or federal law.

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What is the value of my claim?

Valuing a claim is a complex process. Many insurance companies use a software program named Colossus to help them determine the value of your claim.

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