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Welcome to Anderson Law

Your Kennewick Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been Injured we can help.  Anderson Law is a Personal Injury Law Office, located on Clearwater Avenue in Kennewick.

Getting into a Motor Vehicle Accident or other serious injury can be a very difficult and emotionally challenging experience. You need a consultation from a Personal Injury Lawyer. Our lawyers practice exclusively in the area of personal injury and will provide you with a free consultation to help guide you and evaluate your case. A lawyer (not a paralegal or a secretary) will be committed to your case and will help you deal with your physical injuries as well as receive the cash settlements and benefits to which you are entitled.

We know how stressful having an accident can be; that is why one of our Personal Injury Lawyers will handle your file from beginning to end, leaving you worry-free while you know that trained lawyers are fighting for your rights. We will provide you with access to medical experts in the personal injury field, which will greatly enhance your recovery from your injuries as well as increase your settlement.

Hiring a lawyer is your best option for dealing with the physical and emotional problems of having an accident. Without a lawyer, you leave yourself at the mercy of insurance companies and will not maximize the benefits to which you are entitled. A qualified Personal Injury Attorney will make sure all of the steps of the process are fair and just. Don't make the mistake of trying to navigate through the system on your own. Don't wait any longer. Let one of our Personal Injury Attorneys contact you to discuss your case.

Kennewick Attorney

Brian Anderson has been practicing law in the Kennewick, Washington area for the past seven years and has a practice dedicated to personal injury cases. Ned Stratton is also a personal injury attorney and Partner at Anderson Law. If you have been injured in Washington you will find that Anderson Law, Brian Anderson, and Ned Stratton have the needed experience and expertise to assist you. They are dedicated to your case and will do there best to insure that your interests and expectations are met. With Anderson Law you will also find a caring and compassionate attitude which is missing in many law offices. If you have been injured don’t hesitate to give Anderson Law a call today. 

Personal Injury Cases

Some of the injury and accident cases we handle include:

Tri-Cities Attorney Personal Injury Question and Answer.

We have a Personal Injury Law Blog and Q&A page for the Tri-Cities area. If you have any Washington personal injury law related questions we would be happy to answer them in our blog. Just click on the Q&A tab above to submit your Washington personal injury legal questions.

A few of our recent Posts:


Most Recent Personal Injury Questions

Frequently, I’ll have a conversation with an adjuster that goes like this:

Adjuster: We’re offering to settle for medical expenses plus $1,000 in general damages.
Me: My client can’t accept $1,000 in general damages as full compensation. She is still in pain more than a year after the car collision. What are you basing your offer on?
Adjuster: The offer is based on verdicts and awards for people in Kennewick, Washington, with similar injuries, similar car accidents, and similar medical expenses.
Me: So, you are basing it on averages? My client is not the average client


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As a personal injury attorney, I drive a little differently than the average person. Especially around town. I know the hot spots for car accidents because I have recurring clients at those locations. Well, I'm not the only one who has taken notice. The City of Kennewick has embarked on a multi-year project to improve safety along Clearwater, and since our office is along Clearwater, they send us frequent notices. Here's an update on the project:

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Usually, as an attorney, I give my clients no advice whatsoever regarding their personal injury settlements except “Don’t spend it all in one place” and “Consult a financial adviser”. But, since this is a blog and I can say anything I want, except for political speech, I will spill my guts and tell you what I wish I could tell each of my clients when we settle a claim.

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